Life in Berlin


Knowing that academic success is based on a well-balanced and content personality, we also seek to make your stay in Berlin memorable from a social point of view. Berlin is an exciting city, offering numerous outdoor and indoor activities. About once a month the program organizes a trip to the movies, a concert to go to, a BBQ in the park, etc. Nobody has to, but everybody can join in for the fun.

The International Student Community at the Humboldt-Universität


Organized by students, but supported through the undefinedInternational Office (Abteilung Internationales) of the university, the Orbis Humboltianus is the place to go for international students. Here you can meet other German and foreign students, mingle and socialize, and exchange information on all aspects relating to your stay in Berlin (academic, bureaucratic, social).

The International Office also publishes two very useful brochures:

A Guide for International Students (downloadable as pdf), which you should scan for any additional information on all matters pertaining to your studies at the Humboldt-Universität as well as your stay in Berlin.

And a social calendar (Kulturplaner - downloadable as pdf in German only), which is filled with information and activities.

Other useful tools to navigate Berlin

Berliner Dom

There are some publications you definitely should be aware of:

undefinedZitty (life and entertainment, classifieds)

undefinedTip (life and entertainment, classifieds)

Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen FensterExberliner (engl. newspaper for Berlin, classifieds)

undefinedZweite Hand (classifieds)

para informaciones en Espagnol see undefinedB2 Cultura Urbana

For information in English on cultural events, dining, movies, shopping, outdoor fun and also on the history, politics, and economic life of Berlin, check the official website of undefinedBerlin or the Website

For your travel needs in Berlin, refer to the public transportation agency Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen FensterBVG.

Outside Berlin

Brandenburger Tor

The surroundings of Berlin also offer exciting destinations to explore. Lakes, rivers and forests await you as much as medieval towns, gothic cathedrals and old monasteries. Cultural centers like Dresden or Weimar can be visited on weekend trips and allow you to study Germany's extensive history first-hand. The Baltic Sea is only a few hours away, and Poland is even closer. You can reach all these destinations easily by train with undefinedDeutsche Bahn (DB).