We offer an interdisplinary, international graduate program, which leads to the degrees of Master of Science, Ph.D. or Medical Doctor/Ph.D. in Medical Neurosciences. The program addresses both students of medicine or of life sciences (biology, biophysics, chemistry, psychology etc.).

Christin Schmidt (Germany), MSc, graduated 2011

“Being part of the Medical Neuroscience Master’s program is one of the best opportunities to pursue a scientific career in the neurosciences. As a master student we can benefit from the diverse and excellent neuroscience landscape in Berlin and get a profound education in this field of research. I am impressed by the small classes, the encouraged lecturers and the personal atmosphere in the team. During the program we do not only learn everything about fundamental neurosciences, but also how to combine it with clinical research. Furthermore we can meet great scientists and mentors who motivate us to follow our future goals. All of this makes it a unique Master program and I am proud to be one of the students!”


Jan Klohs (Germany), PhD, graduated in 2009

"To stay on in the Medical Neuroscience Program to do a PhD turned out to be a good decision. I got to know the researchers during my classes and lab rotations for the Masters and could pick the right lab for my PhD. My PhD was concerned with the development of optical imaging techniques to study pathophysiological processes in stroke - a kind of research that was not only very exciting but promises that it one day could be translated to the patient's bedside. I am now looking forward to continue research in the field as a postdoc."


Tugba Özdogan (Turkey), MSc, graduated 2008

"Among the graduate studies relay on research, the medical neurosciences program has a great variety of opportunities, offers a friendly introduction to the medical aspects of neuroscience, and responds to students’ needs satisfactorily. Having covered the intellectual basis, there will be a lot to discover in Berlin."

Patrick Nicholson (USA), MSc, graduated in 2007

"The Medical Neurosciences Program offers a unique range of experiences. In the lab, I had great mentors helping me to think like a researcher, while in classes and electives I was introduced to clinical aspects of neuroscience. This instruction prepared me and helped to shape my goals for a future career in medicine.

In addition, it was amazing to belong to such an interesting and diverse community of students. Many lasting friendships were forged and with one of Europe's most exciting cities as a backdrop, there was never a dull moment."


Astghik Markosyan (Armenia), MSc, graduated in 2006

"The Medical Neurosciences International Graduate Program in Charité Berlin is a good basis for a future career. It certainly contributed a lot of knowledge and skills which help me now in my everyday work. Being part of Charité, being taught by prominent scientists and doctors is a lifetime experience I’m glad I had.


After graduation I came back to my home country, Armenia, and since then I am working in my Alma Mater – Yerevan State Medical University. Currently I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Health and at the same time - Head of External Affairs Department of the university. The educational background I got from Charité was a tremendous help for me both at teaching (Biostatistics is a big part of the subject) and in my daily work with university external affairs (contacts, international experience, fluency in German, etc)."


Alyssa Thompson (USA), MSc, graduated in 2005

Getting my MSc in Medical Neuroscience at the Charité was one of the most interesting and exciting times in my life.  I was very lucky to have wonderful colleagues, supervisors, and teachers who really cared about the students and gave us the independence to explore our own interests in the field. As a graduate of the program, I have to say that having a MSc from the Charité was looked upon very favorably by my current medical school, and it will no doubt help me again in the near future, as I will be soon be searching for an MD residency training program in research track psychiatry.  However, I would also strongly advise students coming into the program that they should not pass up the opportunity to start a basic science career in neuroscience. You will have access to top international scientists and advisors who are ready to help and mentor you through a PhD program either at the Charité or elsewhere.  Seriously, don't pass this by...  Oh, and did I say that Berlin is awesome and I miss it so much!

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