As Scientific Coordiator, I am very pleased to welcome you to the International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences - our one of a kind, research driven neuroscience program, focusing on bench to bedside translation!

We pride ourselves on having created a series of courses, which cover not only multiple aspects of Neuroscience and related medical topics, but still leave students enough freedom and flexibility to explore their own scientific interests. The concentration of many Neuroscience institutes in Berlin provides a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from basic to clinical sciences. As a consequence, the program offers different scientific approaches, from functional investigations at the molecular level to research on higher cognitive processes. We invite you to make use of these opportunities to the fullest. That way, you can develop an individual research focus that best matches your interests and abilities.

The program has now been running for six years, but the recent establishment of the Excellence Cluster "Neurocure" will result in major changes and improvements. We encourage you to participate in this constant evolution by making suggestions and expressing your ideas and criticism. Everything that helps to make the program better is welcome!

I am sure that you will not only benefit from the scientific curriculum and find this Master program to be a good starting point for your career, but that you also enjoy the program’s international and friendly atmosphere as well as the colorful life Berlin has to offer. Make your time here a productive and memorable one!

Wishing you a successful start

Dr. Benedikt Salmen